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Uecker urges ‘yes’ on Measure A
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I am the Chairman of the Yes on Measure A Committee. I believe strongly in the need to expand the ranks of our fire department and to open the new station on River Road on a 24/7 basis.

As a three term Ripon Council member and a past Mayor of Ripon, I have made it my daily concern to stay informed on the needs of the Ripon community and to maintain a communication network with concerned residents.

I have confidence in the decision making process of the current board and management of the Ripon Consolidated Fire District (RCFD). The process in which the RCFD utilized public input to arrive at the decision to initiate Measure A was fair and thorough. The RCFD reached out to the public several months ago to gather an informed cross-section of involved community members. The purpose of this citizen’s advisory group was to share knowledge and ideas aimed at solving RCFD’s future staffing needs.

This group included representatives from the farming industry, downtown merchants, local industrial businesses, Ripon Unified School District, Ripon Christian Schools, members of the real estate and insurance industries ,and Bethany Home.

It is notable that the RCFD Measure A advisory committee included a member of Bethany’s management team and furthermore the advisory committee’s board secretary was a Bethany Home resident. The advisory committee met over four months and conducted multiple public meetings with an open door to all interested attendees. Any implications or accusations that this committee operated in a deceptive and nontransparent manner is without any informed basis! Most importantly, Bethany had direct advocacy in the advisory committee. The minutes of the meetings bear this out and are available to the public.

The Measure A committee has been available and willing to meet with the public, Bethany Home and advocates or adversaries of Measure A.  

Join me in voting yes on Measure A.

Dean Uecker

Ripon Councilman

Chairman of Measure A Committee