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Undocumented who are criminals in USA ‘thank Campbell for his support
letter to editor

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I was amazed to read Jason Campbell column (“Facts apparently don’t matter anymore in undocumented debate”) in Friday’s paper slamming Trump, our elected President. 

Calling Trump a liar is a slap in the face to all Americans. Did you even think you might be wrong? That illegal was deported then came back and got liquored up and when he was pulled over he shot and killed a police officer. Why would you Mr. Campbell think it matters to anyone what his gang affiliations are? No one knows when the illegal came here but Trump probably knows better than you. Most news media outlets are slamming Trump just like you. Are you trying to get a job at CNN?

Trump was concerned that this horrible thing happened by an illegal immigrant. A wall will slow or stop this violence. I was almost killed by an illegal drunken driver running red lights at high speed. I have no patience with articles like yours. You are trying to make this horrible event somehow Trump’s fault. Shame on you. You are a liar.

 The state is warning illegals and not giving ICE notice that an illegal immigrant under arrest so they can be picked up. So called sanctuary state is protecting people who kill police officers and drive drunk by not letting ICE know to come get these bad guys. The state is releasing them. The state is guilty of whatever crimes are committed by these criminals. Illegal immigrants are here illegally therefore criminals. There should be no sanctuary for them. Next crime is on you Mr. Campbell. They thank you for your support. 

Robert Cook