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Urges re-election of Dale Kuil to irrigation board
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Dale Kuil should be re-elected to the South San Joaquin Irrigation District Board. Mr. Kuil is an engaged board member who should be recognized for his leadership at the district.

A second generation farmer, Kuil along with the other board members should be commended for their frugal and conservative practices, including the award winning On-Farm irrigation efficiency program. This three-year program helps growers convert to energy- and water-efficient irrigation practices. To date 2,400 acre-feet of water has been saved, which will help all of us in dry years. Once again, a benefit to SSJID and the residents of the district.

Kuil serves in the best interests of our area and deserves to your vote.

Toni Raymus


Oct. 15, 2012