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Use existing building for maintenance garage
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
The Manteca City Council recently put together a financing plan for the city maintenance garage. It consisted of $600,000 from the water and sewer account and other accounts as well. I resent the council using the water and sewer account to finance this building.

This was money that should have been returned to the people. A low bid came in on the sewer plant that saved the city a considerable amount of money. They should have rebated this to the rate payers, instead they chose to take the money and spend it.

We have a huge building (the former Qualex photo processing facility) owned by the city, that we could have renovated. That building represents $3,645,000 in redevelopment agency funds collected from taxpayers and it sits dormant. The city also has spent money on building plans that couldn’t be used. At least one of the old buildings would have provided some usage for our tax dollars spent on it. The sides and roof could have been raised to facilitate trucks. Think it could have been done for less than a new facility costs. The advantage would be in greater square footage for maintaining vehicles. It could house some offices that maintenance employees could occupy.
Fleener Richards
June 2, 2010

Editor’s note: The city currently has no plans for the building at 555 Industrial Park Drive that it purchased with RDA funds with the intent of turning it into police headquarters. That plan was abandoned when the state changed rules and would require any new police facility built to have its holding cells/jail staffed 24/7 that would add at least $600,000 a year to operational costs.