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Vehicles of unlicensed drivers should be impounded
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Any car stopped by law enforcement should have the vehicle impounded if the driver does not have a legal driver’s license. That would take one bad driver off the road at least for awhile.

 By giving the illegals a pass this new law also gives a pass to others that do not have a license.

I don’t see a problem with the old law of impounding. And if illegals have a complaint with it that should not be a concern. They are breaking the law by being here so why is Sacramento changing our laws to protect them?

This new law    just encourages a lot of   careless drivers with no license or insurance to use our highways, knowing there is no punishment, and the responsible drivers that follow the rules become their   victims.

 A very high percentage of accidents are caused by unlicensed drivers and they are not all illegals.

B. Mattos
Nov. 11, 2011