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Views council trio as 3 Stooges
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Unlike people across this great nation that are rightfully complaining about the current economic and political status at the State and Federal level who just can’t, won’t or don’t take part in holding those political representatives accountable, Manteca residents/taxpayers/voters have an opportunity to show them and other local communities that we will hold our local elected officials accountable and will not tolerate them ignoring what truly matters to us. 

We will not settle for their total disregard of our voices, nor allow the impartial, favorable consideration they extend to the developer’s while they repeatedly vote in opposition to what is in the best interest of the people that elected them. As a Manteca resident of 5 years I have personally attended countless City Council meetings and have observed our current Mayor and Council members address our local issues, pretend to hear the resident’s state their concerns and, in my opinion, they completely disregard the resident’s when they vote in blatant opposition to the citizen’s best interest, absent any common sense and clearly demonstrate instead that their votes represent local developer’s interests as well as their own personal, future political aspirations on an ongoing basis. 

Without exception, at every City Council meeting that I have attended, I left feeling so appalled and embarrassed by the decision’s, actions and poor performance of what I opine and refer to as the (current) “City Council’s three stooges, Willy, Vinnie and Steve.” As a Manteca resident of five years, having personally addressed a number of issues before Council and witnessed their illogical voting practices, I am pleading with all Manteca residents to make a difference, take the time to attend just one City Council meeting or review the voting record of Vince Hernandez and Steve DeBrum and I believe that your common sense will prevail and you too will conclude that Manteca just can’t afford two more years of their politics! 

Hernandez and DeBrum saddled us taxpayer’s with covering the $6.9 million they (forfeited in bonus bucks that are paid ultimately by homebuyers) left developers off the hook for. After all, the expenses still exist but they erased the debt owed by the developers that supported their campaigns. I wonder if they are as generous with their personal funds?  Do you know how many police and fire fighter salaries $6.9 million would cover? How many homeless or unemployed and/or hungry do you think that would feed for a decade? Is that their idea of fiscal responsibility? It comes as no surprise to me to hear that the developer’s participated in their campaign fundraiser events, how about you? 

Taxpayers, it is time to send a very clear message to the current city council and mayor that here, in Manteca, we elect them to represent our interests, not the developer’s, nor their own! The nation may have to tolerate status quo until 2016 but Manteca can fight city hall and be heard loud and clear on No. 4. 

Let’s stand together to say enough! No more Hernandez or DeBrum!


Lyndel Grosskopf