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Village idiots firing off explosive devices
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
You can tell that Manteca isn’t missing any of our village idiots.
They are all out in the streets at night now lightning off explosive devices, or illegal fireworks as we like to call them.  It’s been going on all over town for a couple of weeks now.  The other village idiots that run the City Of Manteca, more commonly known as the “Good Ol Boy Club”, made a new law dealing with illegal fireworks that takes effect on July 1 that lets the police issue citations to the property owners where the illegal fireworks are being set off, with fairly stiff penalties. The police can issue the citation without seeing the perpetrators in the act.  This is a great law. 
The only drawback I can see so far is they should have made it effective June 15 when all the bozos are actually starting to set that crap off nightly.  You would think that when this happens year after year they might know the middle of June would be the better option, you’d think. Right now, getting the police to respond to illegal fireworks is almost as common as seeing them writing speeding ticket.

Fred Neeleman