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Vote to overturn the gas tax
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I agree with Mr. Fleener Richards’ letter: “Time for a NorCal tax revolt”
If taxpayers will pay attention to all the bills passed and signed by the Democratically controlled legislature none of them benefits the electorates. The gas tax does not benefit consumers it takes more of our disposal income, reduces our ability to save and spend money on other more important needs. The passage of SB54 the sanctuary bill protects those that are here illegally. It does nothing to protect us from those illegal criminals that remains in California shielded from ICE. It creates a double standard wherein illegal immigrant that commits are not arrested but get a pass and citizens get arrested for committing   similar crimes. It has made California more dangerous and a haven for illegal criminals to remain protected from deportation by ICE. Furthermore, our tax dollars are used to support and defend these criminal from deportation by the Federal government that has authority over immigration issues.
We did not have an opportunity to vote on SB54 because the Democrats and Governor Brown shoved it down our throat. We “the citizens of California” should have had an opportunity to vote on that bill. Again, the only ones benefiting from SB54 are those that are here illegally and their families not us Citizens that pays taxes.
As far as the gas tax bill, I encourage all taxpaying citizens to vote to overturn the tax bill that goes into effect Nov. 1. Demonstrate to the Governor and the legislature that we do not agree with the increase in taxation. For, the record California has the highest gas (57.33 cents per gallon). Also, California’s pay the second highest taxes.  Also, remember that vehicle registration fees will increase further eroding our disposal income. Disposal income money left after paying bills.
Consequently, it is time that California’s vote against all taxing bills.

Robert L. Fennell