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Want a job? Go to China or Mexico
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Since that last presidential election, I had Sara Palin’s name on the back window of my truck. Even though I thought she was not a good candidate for vice president, it was her message I liked. Well, I took it off, and replaced it with “A.B.O. for president...meaning, “Anybody But Obama.” Some of my breakfast buddies at Johnny’s have already given me their opinion.  The point is, this about this person pretending to be president.

He gave Solyndra in Fremont over $500 million for nothing. No jobs, zip. Then this morning on Fox, I hear of another deal to make “green cars”. Another $500 million or so that went to Finland because there is no factory here to make those cars. Well, gee, let’s see, there was no Solyndra factory either.

So now, today, this president spent over $1 billion dollars for no jobs here in the U.S.A., and now he wants Congress to pass this $400 billion dollar or so stimulus for more jobs....where?

 Also this morning on Fox, there was a panel of three, Judy Collins, Joe Pescipo, and another guy whose name I can’t remember right now, and they were talking about political issues. When  the subject came to this stimulus issue, the only one that got it right was Joe Pescipo. What he said was to bring back American manufacturing. It’s as simple as that.

If we did a flash back in time  to 1970, there were several machine shops in every town. Those were mostly high paid, skilled union jobs, with health care, vacation, and job security. Where are those shops and those jobs today? There was a shop in Stockton my father worked for. At one time, just that one shop alone, gave out enough work to support over 35 machine shops all over the county and valley. Where are all those shops now?

We hear every day about when the housing market comes back. With no manufacturing jobs, union or not, where are the building materials going to come from? To build, you need lumber, wire, rebar, electrical switches, lights, stoves, the list goes on. These things come from someplace. When those items are not made in the U.S.A., there are no jobs here where people can make a living wage and buy that home to bring back the housing market.

 Last week a guy came by my shop looking for a job. I told him I don’t have enough business right now. He asked where he could go for work. I told him he would have to move to where the manufacturing jobs are. He asked where was that?  After some thought, I told him to try either Mexico or China. His face went blank, because I think reality just hit him between the eyes.

Gary Duran
Oct. 21, 2011