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War Party out of touch with Americans
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Before the Bush Administration came into power, the term “War Party” stirred up a whole different meaning. The term was always tied to the early Native American warriors who engaged in some sort of raid on another tribe or other enemy. Early pioneer settlers would get very nervous when it was reported that a “War Party” was on the loose in the vicinity.

Fast forward to the administration of George W. Bush and their conspiracy to start a war with Iraq based on what are now known false claims - apparently, all for the sake of profits for military contractors. (See Halliburton). Now consider the present Republican leadership and their collective response to the recent Obama speech at Ft. Bragg about keeping his campaign promise to end the Iraq war, bringing home all combat troops by the end of the year.

In case you missed it, the Republican leadership considered the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq as a dangerous decision to the security of America. John McCain said: “History would judge Obama’s leadership with disdain and scorn it deserves”. Obama reminded McCain that “it is harder to end a war than to begin one”. The GOP leadership argued that American Forces should remain in Iraq for the stability of the region. For how long? Apparently, forever? And at what costs?

A further note, all the Republican candidates with the exception of Ron Paul agreed with the GOP leadership. The person most considered as the real architect of the Iraq war, Dick Cheney, was the most vocal on the subject. Gee, I wonder why? When Iran captured a crashed U.S. drone, Cheney said we should have dropped bombs on Iran in an attempt to destroy the drone. Good thing Obama is not the cowboy that Bush was and instead turned to a diplomatic solution. Iran will probably not return the drone, at least for awhile, but can you blame them? Remember the drone was spying on their country and in their air space. Would the U.S. immediately return a spy plane to Russia or China? Highly doubtful.

Why, I wonder, are all the GOP candidates so attracted to starting another unfounded war? Are they too, in the back pockets of Halliburton? Mitt Romney said if he is elected, he will send carriers into the Persian Gulf to “..prepare for war.” Gingrich wants to stop Iran’s nuclear ambitions by assassinating Iran’s nuclear scientists but adds military action will probably be needed anyway. He also supports John Bolton as secretary of state. Oh yeah, that a good choice. All this flies in the face of the fact that’s 4 out of 5 Americans back the President’s decision, which further boosts the common belief in the apparent GOP disconnect with the American people. Remember John McCain’s little song during his failed Presidential run? “..Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran..” Apparently the tune is still stuck in his head. Taking all that into consideration, it is no wonder why this next election is considered so very important. Are we ready for the consequences of setting loose another War Party?

Like the early pioneers, are we getting a little nervous about a “War Party” on the loose in the vicinity? I know I am and I would bet plenty of American troops who know firsthand, what that means, are as well and you should be as well.

Larry Baca
Dec. 14, 2011