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Was it soccer competition or trash-a-thon?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I’m glad that many community members and families came from everywhere to enjoy the soccer competition at our very new Antigua Park.

However, the people who came to our community park in Antigua had absolutely no respect for our park. As it was a breezy Sunday afternoon there was trash flying just about everywhere.

From paper plates, chip bags, Styrofoam cups, and even a plastic bag in the air. There was even a flip flop sandal in the middle of the street on Pagola Avenue and Collins Street.

 I’m really disappointed that these people came to our park and dumped their trash in front of our houses and streets. I really wanted to take some pictures of my neighbor’s front yard this morning and send it to the group who coordinated this event. I was enraged as I picked up the trash in front of my street yesterday evening.

It’s too bad that these people didn’t show any appreciation for a new community park. I hope they don’t host this here anymore and if they do why weren’t we informed about this or was it printed in the paper?
Anna Enriquez
May 4, 2010