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Was Measure G really about safety?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Manteca is plagued with eye sores — has been and always will be unless something is done PDQ— pretty damn quick. There are stores boarded up downtown windows broken, parks laden with all kinds of misfits, and junked cars parked on streets all around town.
Why don’t these cars get a red tag and hauled away after three days?
Then we spend millions on new buildings at Lincoln School and the school district puts ugly pipes sticking up right along the main entrance.
After speaking with Manteca Unified School District Superintendent Jason Messer briefly at the school board meeting on Sept. 12, he said the MUSD is not going to put a safety screen over the pipes.  Why not? The pipes are a safety hazard and the district sold the school bond to the voters as a way to addresses safety issues. That might explain why a sign was placed on them to warn people to stay off of them.
Now Messer and the district are going on another massive spending spree with our Measure G bond dollars to rehabilitate Manteca High and build a multi-purpose room at Nile Garden School among other things.
They also spent $40,000 for a sidewalk this past summer around the south end of the Manteca High football field. How much more money is going to be spent on hare brained projects?
Do something sensible with our Measure G money and redo the restrooms at the Manteca High football field and put safety screens on all exposed pipes of backflow devices at schools in the district.

Fred Millner