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We are no longer melting pot of the world
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
This country is a melting pot of people from all over the world.  They come here and lose their culture, language, and beliefs.  They become American - a new culture, language, and belief.  They become American first and foremost.

This country has stopped coming together as one nation and is now no longer the melting pot of the world.  This country is separating into a country of many cultures, languages, and beliefs.  As this selfish generation becomes more politically correct, and sensitive to other people’s culture, this country is becoming a divided nation under no one’s god.  

The CLAD law is one such idea that is causing this great nation to stop becoming a melting pot and become a nation of clashing cultures.  How is it that we have become so sensitive to other people’s culture while losing our identity and culture?  How can we expect people to become Americans while we expect them to retain their native identity?  How can we expect cultures not to clash while we teach that Americans must be sensitive but non-Americans are expected (no encouraged) to be disrespectful to others?  This state has elevated the Latino community to a point that American born and English only speaking people are second class.  

Of all the other people that have come to this country, only the Latino is given unequal rights and entitlements which are above and beyond everyone else’s. This ideal is racist and racist to the benefit of the Latino community.  I stand beside Terry Messick.  The Manteca Bulletin reports that Leo Zuber “believed some of those students who speak primarily in Spanish were hurt because they could not take her classes”.  These students are not hurt because Terry Messick refuses to take the CLAD, but the students are hurt because they refuse to enter the melting pot of America.  

I have been in the workforce for many decades now.  One thing that is clear, and that is those who refuse to learn English while retaining their heritage, fail.  While those that embrace the American culture and learn English, succeed.  This CLAD law and this fight over its implementation with an American teacher is proof that the great experiment in sensitivity awareness is causing people to become aware that they are different and not American.  Terry Messick’s lack of CLAD does not make her unfit professionally, but rather she recognizes the need to speak English.  It is time that the selfish generation stops demanding we placate others by kowtowing to those that refuse to become American.  It is time we expect all those that come to this country to enter the melting pot and become American.  The CLAD law is bad.  The CLAD law fails the equal protection clause of the constitution by giving one race an advantage over all other races.  In the sixties, the courts struck down separate but equal education.  It is time the courts strike down all laws which give one group an advantage over all the others.  The CLAD requirement gives the Latino an advantage over everyone else, including Americans.  It is time we relearn the values of the greatest generation again.
Scott McComas