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We can so something about our legislators
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
As a parent, this is frustrating.  As a California citizen, it’s disgusting to see our legislators working to what amounts as part-time and receiving six-figure salaries, plus getting a new car paid for by the taxpayers of California – most of who can’t afford to buy a new car for their own families.

The state government is “stealing” from our children to line their own pockets.  They cut education, public service programs, and the lowest paid state workers, but I don’t see a single one of them refusing to take or reimbursing the state for their new car or taking a salary cut.  Most of them are parents too, but they can afford – at taxpayers’ expense – to put their kids in private schools.  Let’s see them put their kids in the public-school system and see how much they cut education.

Isn’t it wrong that legislators were allowed to approve their own yearly raises - without voter approval?  And they were allowed to approve the state buying each incoming legislator a new car - again without voter approval?  In any other business in California, employees don’t decide on their raise – if or how much - or about getting a company car; it’s decided on by their boss.  We, as California taxpayers, pay legislators’ salaries, so we are their bosses.  Why weren’t we asked?

Does the governor realize that these new education cuts may put California below the level required by the federal government in order to receive any federal money?  Schools are counting on that money and it may not come.  

It’s extremely unfair that our youngest citizens are helping to solve the budget crisis, but our top officials aren’t helping at all.  Everyone wants everyone else to face cuts first.  We need to work together.

The solution to this problem is that everyone is going to have to give up something, from the top of our state government to the parents of the kids in public schools.  We’re doing our part as taxpayers, absorbing higher taxes on homes/ gas/vehicles, paying for school sports, etc.  Are the legislators and the governor willing to do their part?  

It’s time for California citizens to step up.  We have some say over whether or not the legislators keep their jobs.  Whether you are young or old, a parent or not, even if your children are in private school, step up and help California’s children.
DeAna Kier
June 11, 2009