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We dont need a Wall Street President
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

 Larry Elder’s op-ed stating that all Democrats are socialists conveniently defined socialism as “community ownership” of the means of production and distribution of goods and services.  Which community was he talking about?  If you understand the reality that acknowledges that  a very rich few and corporations under Citizens United purchase their government officials all over the country and then lets them know who they are working for, using threats of cutting off their funding in the next election cycle as their motivator.  Both parties are funded by them and work for them.  The get the laws passed that they want, for their benefit.  So, yes, we do have socialism, but it is socialism of the rich and powerful who control those things.  In reality, it is an oligarchic socialism which has created an ever increasing wealth gap.

 Surely Mr. Elder knows that anytime you use terms like all, every, none, etc. that you are going to be challenged.  He uses the logic of a child who is given a bag with 25 blue and 25 red marbles and when he is asked to pick 3 out of the bag, he randomly picks 3 red marbles.  When asked what he thinks about the remaining marbles, he irrationally says, “They are all red.”  One of the greatest failings of our education system is that it does not spend enough time and effort teaching critical thinking skills.  Of course, that plays right into the hands of some columnists and those running for political office.

 Many think that if we elect someone from one party or the other that things will get better.  Well, it hasn’t and it won’t.  Electing another Wall Street President from either major party will not significantly change things for the vast majority of Americans.  For a good explanation why this is so, go to this website and read/view the content.  And, please don’t be afraid of the word “revolution.”  Remember the “Reagan Revolution?”


Mike Killingsworth