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We dont need cheaper housing
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Your latest article (“End of Manteca’s McMansion Era” – Saturday, Oct. 24) is a case in point of the rampant stupidity of Manteca’s city council and mayor. There is absolutely no regard to the home owners living in this city. I moved here seven years ago, and bought my 20-year-old home with the hope that the community would grow and thrive.

Now police are being laid off, home prices are plummeting, and a clueless mayor wishes to inoculate an over burdened market with more cheaper housing. What a numbskull! Stop it so that we can recover what we have lost you idiot, stop it now.

By the way, I also work for NUMMI. We close our doors March 31. What on God’s earth do you think is going to happen then?
Joseph Halay
Oct. 24, 2009