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We must get back to being a community
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

We must compliment Scott Sadlowski on his letter to the editor of July 10 "Reflecting on Baby Boom". First and foremost I agree that everyone should see the movie "Defiance" it is based on a true story from Nazi Germany during World War II and how people came together for survival. 

There were problems in the group as in any venture but in the end over 1200 people had bonded into a community against all odds.

The memories of the times of how neighborhoods were not only good memories but a lesson for us today. The neighborhood BBQs and get togethers to welcome newcomers were great times. It was a time when you knew you home was respected and you were safe. People cooperated together to get things done.

The argument is now that times have changed and we cannot go back to those times because we are too busy, we commute to work or that times are harder now. Maybe those are the very reasons times are worse now.  As for the current time maybe the community relationship of the neighborhood will be exactly what helps us survive these next few years. Civilization’s cornerstone is people working together to become a community.

We see too much of the "Me Generation" living off of the Internet and taking what they get from there as the only truth. For example they believe Webster’s Dictionary is not accurate compared to Wikipedia. Since when does the truth (definition) change in midstream? This new generation is rewriting the basics to suit their lifestyle and heaping hatred on anyone who believes differently. Community does not stand a chance in an environment like that.

Mr. Sadlowski is correct when he says we need to get back to being one.  I disagree with him on some things but this time we agree for the good of us all.

Jerry Johnson
July 12, 2009