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We need bigger animal facility before a dog park
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
It is beyond my comprehension to think that both Manteca and Lathrop have chosen to neglect the small dog facility on Wetmore Street, in lieu of spending thousands on a dog park.

Rose Albano Risso wrote an article on Lathrop’s new dog park. I wouldn’t be commenting on this, if Lathrop didn’t share our small outdated animal facility. While Lathrop and Manteca spend money in this manner, hundreds of dogs are put to sleep, because of crowded conditions in this small facility that Lathrop shares. Is there no concern for little animals, while the council members yield to groups for votes, to re-seat them on the council? I ask this of the council: Shouldn’t preservation of little dogs’ lives be a higher priority than a dog park?

I challenge both councils to witness little dogs put to sleep in a crowded compound, maybe their lousy priorities to so-called dog lovers will change.

Manteca has a chance to rectify this injustice to the facility, by refusing to invest in a dog run, until a new facility is in place. It is time to show some concerns for little animals that have their lives in the hands of city officials. Two-thirds of dog owners don’t even bother to clean up after their dog deposits. The council realizes that, for they wanted to assess the people of Manteca one dollar per residence to clean up after peoples dogs. I see dog owners daily letting their dogs defecate on people’s lawns and they just walk away and leave it. People who do this don’t respect their neighbors’ rights. I would hate to see the inside of these pigs’ homes.
Fleener Richards
June 24, 2009