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We need to elect common & decent folks
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

The Communist Party USA must be dancing a jig, as one of the central planks of their Communist Manifesto has just been strengthened by the Democrat Party vote to debate such a tyrannical health care takeover bill.

Our government treats us and my fellow patriots as cattle. The time is near for the people to awaken to the fact that they are no longer the free people of this country. We are now officially Indentured servants, mere cattle to be slaughtered at will by an unelected majority!

 If we Americans don’t take back the Congress of the United States from the current herd of corrupt tyrants that are holding it hostage, we will soon not have a country worth saving. Let’s get going, people, it is time to change out all incumbents in Congress, change the current holder of the offices in the executive branch, and throw out the rotten Supreme Court justices.

 We need a housecleaning like none before. We need it now. No matter what your political party, we need to put in place common, decent folks who know how to balance a check book, spend only on the necessities, and adhere to the founding fathers’ ideals and principles of personal freedom and liberty.

 Robert Blanch
Nov. 20, 2009