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Were new bus shelters made in USA, plus water tower thoughts
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Wednesday’s paper was the announcement of the City of Manteca purchasing bus stop shelters. I think this is a great idea, with public transit becoming more popular in Manteca. My concern to this expense is where were these made? Are they a Made in the USA product or a Made in China thing? If in fact these are an offshore product, then I do not want one thin dime spent of my money on this program, and every person who voted in favor of this should resign in total shame.

 If any local manufacturer were at least given the opportunity to bid these and then take the best price locally, then I would give the city a double “A” plus. Otherwise, they should get an “F”.

 My last issue on the water tower: Why build a water tower at another location to feed the same lines, when everything is already in place? If the water tower needs to be replaced then so be it, but do it in the same place. How much more money will it cost to replace all the underground for a new water tower in a different location? It does not seem very green to me. I am pretty much done with the tower thing for one reason: “The city will do what it’s going to do, no matter how many letters a person writes, or how bad they are shamed.” The old saying that you cannot fight city hall, goes all the way to Washington.

Gary Duran
July 25, 2012