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What about pets that destroy others property?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I would like to address the issue “Cat snatchers or cat trappers” on March 26.

First of all we are not all pet haters. I have sympathy for Paul and his wife. It sounds like they did a pretty good job making sure Henni and Georgie were safe. The problem was not keeping them home. I do hope they get them back.

We have had problems with cats for years. They have sprayed a $250 screen door only to ruin it (rusted out), our tires and rims on our motor home, a thousand dollar barbecue several times, glass slider doors and screens. They also use our yard for their pooping grounds. Our patio and yard smell like cats. No, we do not appreciate our neighbors’ pets.

Think pet owners would like to pay for the damages? Pet owners need to be responsible, and keep them home. Where is the consideration for their neighbors and their property?
Carol Copeland
March 29, 2010