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What can I do to help SSJID provide power?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

For several months now, I have been telling my friends that our electric rates will increase when that frame plant shuts down out by the airport. This weekend in your paper was an article announcing a rate hike for PG&E electric rates to home owners who do not use enough electricity but they will offer lower rates to people who use more. This does not make any sense at all, because as a business owner, my rates double this time of year, because it costs more money to generate power for businesses. So says PG&E.

 What is the real truth here? The real truth is that PG&E is allowed to make an 11.45% profit always by the California Public Utilities Commission. With business going out of state and offshore hourly, home owners trying to save a buck, Washington spending like crazy, where will this end?  Maybe that is why gas is so high, we are not buying enough gas. Get this: I was trying to buy my own generator for my business. That is against the law, for me to run a stationary power plant, full time, when there is power available by you know who.

 Hey South San Joaquin Irrigation District hurry up! What can I do to help?

Gary Duran
June 1. 2011