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What happened to Neighborhood Watch groups?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I lived in Manteca all of my 38 years. It’s growing as usual even the crime is growing again. Every time I open the newspaper I read about shootings. These people either have no jobs or they probably do, yet they get mad at somebody and right away their answer is a freaking gun because they don’t know how to fight with their fists.

Anyway, I would like to continue living here because this is where I grew up. Please, can we come together as one again and rid this town or keep these stupid people under control?

What happened to Neighborhood Watch teams? Did they give up? I’m tired of other towns looking down on us saying Manteca is bad. Lodi is a nice respectable town. The kids are nice — skateboarders too! It’s very sociable. Why can’t the kids here be like that — these kids here walk around stuck up. And they are so disrespectful. No home training.

Let’s clean up Manteca! We need more security and lights at night on the bike path. It’s dark out there even though I don’t go out there at night.
April 7, 2010