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What is hold-up on finishing BMX track?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Every time I drive by the corner of Moffat Boulevard and Spreckels Avenue I wonder what is taking so long to get the BMX park going?

 I have a vested interest in this park, since my great -niece Madison Gomes (Mad Madi) is a seasoned champion and has won titles throughout California, Nevada and even the Midwest.  I am so looking forward to seeing her race here locally and can’t believe it has taken the City of Manteca this long to approve “dirt and grass.”  There are no buildings on the premise, just dirt, grass and a few trees for aesthetic appearances.  There is to be a starting gate installed for the racers, but this should not be the hold up.

 We don’t seem to have a problem with football, baseball, soccer or any other type of sport.  Manteca is also missing on revenues that could be streaming in from those BMX parents and followers of the sport.  My niece is sponsored by ICEE and every Tuesday the group Anderson’s 209 BMX Race Team participates in the Farmer’s Market to try to get monies to assist the young BMX racers realize their dream of having their own racetrack to ride on.  In the 50+ years I have lived in Manteca, it seems that projects (like a performing arts center) that are not mainstream always take a back seat to other projects.  Ok, Manteca, you have your Field of Dreams (BLD), why can’t we also have our Dream BMX Racetrack?

Mary (Gomes)
Del Pino
July 27, 2009