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What is to be done about those trashing downtown?
The garbage overflows behind Club Leon. - photo by Photo Contributed
Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I work and run a business in an office building directly adjacent to “Club Leon,” the subject of several recent articles by the Manteca Bulletin.  I have also read with great interest the repeated articles about revitalizing downtown Manteca in an attempt to attract new businesses and customers.  

 This morning (Tuesday) I, along with the owners of the other businesses in this building and our respective customers were greeted by the sight of overflowing garbage, spilling into the city parking lot, from the Club Leon dumpster.

Isn’t this considered to be littering at the very least? A violation of city code?  How does this jive with the goal of “revitalizing” downtown?
Emily Ryslinge -  Ryslinge Mortgage & Realty
Susie Ryslinge & Anne Ryslinge – Young    - Anne Ryslinge –Young CPA
Feb. 2, 2010