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Where does Wyatt come up with such drivel?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Calling PG&E’s Emily Barnett an attack dog is a bit unseemly, don’t you think? (Dennis Wyatt’s Saturday column: “Don’t be swayed by PG&E’s crocodile tears”) I believe you owe her an apology - heck, you owe your readers an apology for such “journalism”. If you knew more about this issue - or at least acknowledged that there are two sides to this issue - perhaps you wouldn’t have to take your argument to the gutter.

 And can you not understand the difference between using eminent domain to run a power line through someone’s property, as PG&E regularly must do, versus the hostile takeover of PG&E, a private sector business, by SSJID, a government agency? Obviously you cannot.

 Does SSJID pay you to write such drivel - or do you come up with this nonsense all by yourself?

 You can be sure that you’ll have one less subscriber when our present subscription expires.


Dale Gillespie
Sept. 9, 2009