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Why arent streets in Dublin, Pleasanton cluttered with signs?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I was delighted to read that the City is reviewing the use of free standing signs by businesses here in town.

I for one am tired of those A-frames blocking the sidewalk, or placed out on the street medians, usually at intersections. And if I never see another one of those ugly, cheap looking flag banners, it will be too soon.

The flag banners, especially, seem to be everywhere, and they make the whole city look like a crummy flea market. You could do a series of "No more ugly Manteca!" articles on the flag banners alone. We all have our pet peeves, but I hate the banners so much that I won't shop at any business that displays them.

Why aren't the sidewalks and streets of Pleasanton, Dublin, and other similarly nice towns lined with ugly flag banners? The business owners there can't afford them? Business is booming so dramatically that their business owners don't want or need them? My guess is that the citizens of those towns and their City Councils said "Wait a minute! We have to get rid of these crummy looking flag banners. This has really gotten out of hand. Our town is starting to look like Manteca!"

Stephen Breacain


March 26, 2012