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Why California gas prices are rising while they are dropping elsewhere
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Larry Baca hates facts.  As I pointed out numerous economic accomplishments by President Trump in just a year, (Trump’s economic success” on April 12) Larry goes on to state that I made stuff up; but the only fact that he attempted to rebut was that gas prices are the lowest in 12 years under Trump.  Larry does not understand that gas prices are the lowest nationwide; but not in California?  I just thought I would help Larry out since he has a difficult time understanding fact. 
Jeanette Casselano, a spokesperson for the American Automobile Association, confirmed that gasoline prices nationwide are at its lowest since 2005; but why would California be so high?  As crude oil has fallen as much as 50 percent, causing gasoline prices to fall nationwide, California Democrats have been raising taxes on the people without the approval or consent of the people.  You see Larry; the Democrats in California have a super majority, which means they are not required to seek voter approval on raising our taxes.  Since the voters have no say on the taxes being raised, the Democrats tacked on about 12 cents per gallon as part of a “cap and trade” tax to fight emissions.   It may seem like a nice cause; but the Democrats then used other money and funnel it to other government programs or even Governor Jerry Brown’s choo-choo train.  Larry did you know there is a petition to repeal this gas tax that was placed on the people?  I have signed the petition.  Have you?
But Larry, we cannot stop there.  Did you know that before the 12 cents per gallon tax that the people of California pay 59 more cents per gallon between federal and state taxes combined?  That is another 11 cents per gallon above the national average as reported by the American Petroleum Institute.
Shall we continue Larry?  Another reason California gasoline prices are so expensive is that California’s environmental rules mandate that gasoline sold within the state be produced with strict formulas, making the gas more expensive and difficult to produce since there are only a few refineries equipped to produce it.  Further Larry, the state changes its formula twice a year with a winter and summer blend.  The summer blend is even more expensive so that is why you see an increase in summer gasoline prices.  In addition Larry, refineries try to use up their inventories of one type of fuel before the switch, which increases the risk of price volatility.
So I understand your pain Larry when you fill up your Hummer ¾ of the way and have a bill of $85.  Wait Larry!  You are driving a Hummer!?!  How could you be such a good liberal and drive a Hummer?  You have sinned in the eyes of every left wing lunatic out there.  You are not a saint Larry.  You have committed a liberal sin.  You must trade your Hummer in for a Prius.  After all, you driving a Hummer would be the equivalent of Al Gore flying all over the country telling people not to pollute the air with emissions.
Larry, It has been my pleasure to school you on some facts.  However Larry, this shows me there is hope for you.  I see that you complain about taxes, the high cost of gas, and you don’t like the government telling you what type of vehicle you must drive.  In reality Larry, you may be on your way to becoming a Republican.

Frank Aquila