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Why Christians met at Library Park
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

This is in response to the letter “Christians’ response to freethinkers ‘unsettling’”) printed in the Jan. 21 issue:

Why did we meet (at Library Park)? Members of many churches of Manteca gathered to worship the One who has given us new life and hope, and has taught us to love the world. Our purpose in being out there was to let the free thinkers and everyone else, know that the Resurrected Jesus has proven Himself real to us, not just historically but personally.

Some (not all) of the freethinkers and atheists were offended that we were there but we have a right to peaceably gather publicly as well anyone else does. The freethinkers were there for an open forum discussion in an “attempt” to disprove or to compare the historical record of the witches of Salem to the Resurrection of Christ. That is offensive to us because we know what God has done in ours and in many lives. Our purpose was to simply worship the Risen Lord whom we love.

At the park there were former gang members, former drug addicts; there were devoted moms and dads, mechanics, school teachers, scientists, physicists, athletes, cheerleaders, business owners, social workers, federal employees, and many more. Young and old, we were all there to exercise our freedom to worship in a public place. That being said, we are sorry if you were offended at our presence and that you felt we were trying to bring down “the wall of Jericho” as you said. That was never our purpose. Simply put, you had a right to be there, but so did we.

Should we meet again, I assure you it will be peaceful and loving. Those “FBI” type people that you mentioned were our security team. They were there for your safety as well as ours. We felt it necessary to have them there because Library Park is known to have “questionable presence” loitering around at times, especially late at night. In fact, our head of security, Pastor Joshua and myself stayed late to make sure that your speaker, Mr. McCormick, made it safely to his car.

Sir, you quoted me in saying that this city belonged to God. Yes. That’s what I’ve been praying and working hard for all these past 28 years, as have all the other churches of Manteca. We believe that Manteca needs the Resurrected Jesus. For it’s in Jesus that Manteca will find peace, love, hope and security.

Pastor Steve Perea
Christian Worship Center
Jan. 23. 2014