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Why communists support Occupy Wall Street?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Do the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protesters really represent the people?  Their supporters, sympathizers, and sponsors include the Communist Party USA, American Nazi Party, Louis Farrakhan & the Nation of Islam, Revolutionary Communist Party, Socialist Party USA, Black Panther Party, Industrial Workers of the World, Communist Party of China, International Socialist Organization, and the Freedom Road Socialist Organization. 

Several organizers of the movement have also been invited guests to the White House.  President Obama, Vice-President Biden and Nancy Pelosi have also encouraged and supported the movement.

 The main objective of the Socialist/Communists is to remove Capitalism, which is described by Socialist/Communist leader Saul Alinsky to “burn the system down” and rebuild a new one.  He encouraged “civil disobedience” through “hope” and “social change”, a similar motto used by Obama.  They are funded by Socialist billionaire George Soros through organizations like ACORN, which was involved in voter fraud and employed Obama as a lawyer.  The Communist Party USA has already endorsed Obama for president in 2012 stating his agenda is the same agenda of the Communist Party USA.  They want to rewrite the US Constitution and make government all powerful over the people, which is why Communists support Occupy Wall Street.

Frank Aquila
Nov. 21, 2011