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Why does City of Manteca have issue with BLD profits?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Big League Dreams’ Fourth of July profits too big? No, City Government thinking too small!

Apparently, the mentality of our federal government has filtered down to our city government; when the idea that a local business is accused to make “big profits”, local officials deem it’s time to put an end to that!

What, Manteca City Council, is wrong with Big League Dreams having a banner day on the Fourth of July every year? Is there something inherently wrong with a business having the cash register ring and make a sizeable profit? How much less would they need to make before the city council is happy? Or, is the real greed coming from the city itself who claim BLD is not giving its “fair share”? Let’s see, BLD has already agreed to give the city 50 percent of the gate receipts. Not enough? How about all the sales that are made at the event? Are there city taxes collected on those sales that the city is profiteering from?

True, there are expenses that the city is putting up for this event. However, if they cannot negotiate an event that is profitable or at least breaks even, they should get out of the entertainment business altogether and let a private enterprise do it better.

Councilwoman Debbie Moorhead is quoted as saying she has heard from a BLD employee that the Fourth is their “most profitable day of the year.” GASP! And one time she even saw someone who appeared to be under 21 at the event drinking alcohol. Well, there you have it – bunch of criminals running the beer garden! Maybe Ms. Moorhead can volunteer her time this year and card everyone.

Councilman Steve DeBrum sounds like he’s thinking logically by asking – and I paraphrase, “Wait a minute, have we even talked to BLD about renegotiating our contract before we begin bashing them publicly?” Karen McLaughlin, City Manager, responds again, paraphrasing – “duh, I don’t know, but I’m sure going to check now!”

In the end, the city is nearly $12,000 flush with cash leftover from last year’s event and if they do as well as last year with $5,000 in sales, they’ve covered their $16,800 expense. With gate receipts and tax revenue from the event, they’ll come up positive again. My advice to City Government in Manteca and everywhere across this great county: support your local businesses to help them profit as much as the market will bear.

Dan Soine


Jan. 18, 2012