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Why does Powers get all of the citys attention?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I’ve been complaining about traffic enforcement on Alameda Street between the Boys and Girls Club and Main Street for 10 years now and all I ever get from the City of Manteca is a tap dance.  

The speed limit anywhere on Alameda is 25 mph.  Most drivers pay absolutely no attention to the speed limit signs.  Most drivers go an average of 40 to 50 mph on any given day, 24 hours per day.  There are children going to and from the Boys and Girls Club, and walking to school daily, plus lots of other pedestrians.  If an individual drives the speed limit or even 5 mph over the speed limit, the other drivers do stupid things like ride their tail, or even pass them, and speed away.  My house sits right on Alameda and Sycamore, so I see these things happen day in and day out.  

Why does Powers Avenue get all the attention and then try and forget that Alameda even exists?  I’m fed up with it all!
Fred Neeleman
Feb. 1, 2010