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Why give heads up to criminals?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I was prompted to write after reading the article on Wednesday’s front page of The Bulletin, “A fair way to shave $9k in police OT.”

I understand the budget crisis is faced by nearly every facet of the economy these days but why on earth would you advertise the fact that the security measures relied on in the past for our Crossroads Street Fair by our local law enforcement will not be employed this year.  

I compare that to saying, this Friday afternoon from noon till 5 p.m. the ABC Bank will have temporary bank personnel on duty and there will not be any security cameras or alarms available for that period. So please do not rob us during that time. Please!”

I don’t get it!

The article also mentioned that the fair is expected to pump $375,000 into the Manteca economy. Did we give away the sales tax on that also?

I’m just saying…
Dave Coffelt
March 18, 2009