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Why he believes council harasses homeless
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin
Let me put the homeless situation in Manteca in perspective.
The waterpark represents decades of Manteca Councils’ focus on new development in hopes of creating a revenue source that will help fund many of the needed social, cultural, and arts amenities, new fire stations and equipment, road maintenance, dog park, downtown revitalization, a homeless shelter, Highway 120 overpasses, public safety, and so on, which have been lacking for decades.
How the Council is handling the homeless situation today is simply representative of the lack of money, because the anticipated revenue from the new development has yet to pan out in over four decades.
The problem is that new development does not, has not paid its way, and the Council is OK with passing the cost of those new development impacts on the backs of the residents. Every new home and every new shopping center impacts the existing community in many ways, yet the new development fees required to pay for those impacts is always negotiated away by the Council.
Consequently, for lack of money it is easier (cheaper) for the Council to harass THEM in hopes they will go away. 

Benjamin Cantu