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Why he wont support new tax for police, fire
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I am opposed to a new tax for the police and fire based on certain facts. The hotel transient room tax was supposed to support the police and fire. This tax was passed in 2002 and signs were all over town promoting this tax. At a later date, the council redirected 20% of this tax to the Manteca Convention and Visitors Bureau. Based on this support of the Bureau, this council can’t say they need more taxation to fund police and fire. Twenty percent represents a large chunk of cash pulled from the general fund that was supposedly for the police and fire. It seems visitors take priority over our fire and police in Manteca.

Measure M tax is supposed to go into a separate account and oversight is provided by a citizens’ committee as outlined in Section 150 in the city code that states this tax can only be used for police and fire support.

This council is taking on too many projects in close proximity to each other. This is a direct drain on the General Fund and proof of this is the $150,000 existing “structured deficit” in the general on the books (requiring the city to continue dipping into reserves).

I also think it is time to rescind the agreement with developers on retaining assessments until the homes are sold. The economy is no longer a valid reason to allow developers delayed payment to this city. It’s evident by the many thousands of homes slated for Manteca. 

I hope the people recognize the fact, that we need change in Manteca on the council. My vote is for change, it goes to Ben Cantu and Richard Silverman. Placing incumbents back in office that are directly responsible for a record number of consistent deficits, doesn’t cut it with me.


Fleener Richards