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Why hes voting for David Harmer
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
We are in the midst of a great ideological battle. David Harmer, candidate for US Congress 11th District, has the ability to win back this seat and govern with the values and ethics that we cherish. Growing up in Rocklin, California, David is keenly aware of the issues that challenge our way of life here in the Valley.

One David’s first legal assignments out of college was working for water rights and land issues for the Pacific Legal Foundation. David’s father, John, served as Lt. Governor, for Ronald Reagan when he was Governor of California.  The impression left upon young David Harmer standing on the floor of the Republican National Convention when Reagan was nominated for the Presidency was profound.  

Noted Washington Times columnist and former Reagan speech writer and policy analyst, Tony Blankley said the following in his column last Tuesday. “The eleventh is the most competitive California district, currently held by Democrat Jerry McNerney, a down-the-line Democrat who supported House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s legislative position 97 percent of the time, including voting for health care, cap-and-trade and stimulus.The likely Republican candidate coming out of the June primary is David Harmer, who combines the strong support of established Republican conservatives such as Ed Meese, John Herrington (a former California Republican Party chairman and Reagan Cabinet official) and Mitt Romney, with enthusiastic support from the Tea Party. This is the irresistible electoral combination that has Democrats up at 2 a.m. drinking more than they should. But I don’t blame them. Mr. Harmer was the featured speaker in an April 15 Tea Party event attended by over 10,000 activists. For those Democrats who hope to caricature Tea Party candidates negatively in the fall, Mr. Harmer will be a difficult target. He is a very smart, principled conservative who - along with a successful career in the private sector - has pulled off the trifecta of working as a constitutional scholar at both the Heritage and Cato think tanks along with doing pro bono litigation for the conservative Pacific Legal Foundation.I interviewed him last week, and although very genial, he obviously has a powerful mind and a deep commitment to the fundamental values that are driving the public reaction to Washington’s terrible recent excesses. I hope C-SPAN covers the Cal 11 candidate debate this fall. It should be fun to watch.

Charlie Gay
June 3, 2010