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Why no coverage on citrus psyllid?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin
I am very disappointed with your lack of coverage on the Asian citrus psyllid insects. Several were found near North Union and Lathrop roads. I read about this in the Wednesday’s Modesto Bee.
Why didn’t the Bulletin cover this important story? We are an agricultural area and many people have backyard orchards & gardens. I checked, some of the stories you printed were of no importance to Manteca such as a girl bicyclist pepper sprayed in New York and a guy in the south kills daughter. There was plenty of room for an important, local, and timely report on an agricultural threat and what steps were taken, and should be taken to prevent the spread of this serious pest. Our citrus crops are depending on everyone being vigilant and aware of any sightings. As our local news services, it is your duty to get this information printed in a timely and accurate manner.

Louise Sugiyama