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Why not follow advice given to atheists?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Was I the only one amused and confused by the letter (“Why so much anger if God doesn’t exist”) that ran on Aug. 8? The writer first wonders aloud why Atheists have to listen to someone preach about the non-existence of “Our Creator”. “Why not just live your life and not give Him or His followers another thought?” he writes. “I think you are simply really, really angry at God.” He adds, “How can one be angry at something one believes doesn’t exist in the first place? Why preach about it?” he says. Why indeed?

After all that, he adds “...see you at the next meeting”. What? Didn’t the writer just say something like “living your life and not giving it another thought”. Then why attend the Atheists’ meetings? I don’t think the Atheists attend church services, then go out and write letters to the Editor bragging about how clever they are, do they? I would think that would make them some kind of hypocrites, don’t you? 

I don’t think I’ve heard of any Atheists camping out in the church parking lot, praying for those unfortunate Christians inside, have you? That would make them protestors or some kind, don’t you think? What can they possibly be afraid of? Will they end their meeting by lighting torches and spreading through the Christian neighborhoods, poisoning their children’s minds and abducting them into Obama’s Vampire Army? (He is not a Christian, you know).

I agree with the writer on one thing, it is not necessary to meet with others who do not believe in God anymore than it is necessary for those that do, to meet in any organized religious church. One can easily connect with whatever they believe in at home and save a few bucks. But if one feels better gathering with like minded people, then great. But like the writer said, before he contradicted himself, “...just live your life.” He, and the protestors, should try it sometime.

Larry Baca