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Why shes not worried about our future & kids
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I am not sure if I have the correct department or not but I wanted to share something that was done by local children in Manteca as a letter to the editor.

Many are worried about our future and kids who seem to want more and more when they already have an abundance of things. I am not worried. I know of a group of 10-year-olds in Manteca who already see beyond themselves. They recently had a lemonade stand and decided as a group (unbeknownst to me until today) to donate the proceeds to a charity in memory of my eldest daughter, Halleigh Parker. The amazing part is not all of the kids in the group are related to me and did not know Halleigh personally. These OUTSTANDING humans were given the option of donating part of the money earned to split amongst themselves and donating the rest - and THEY decided to stick to the original plan of donating the funds in full. These kids have touched my heart more than they can ever know. Thank you to the parents of these kids, some of who I have no idea who you are, for teaching your children to see beyond themselves. Your gift of compassion touches not only me but those that will be helped thanks to their generosity. I wish I had a way to convey the gratitude over what your children have done - but all I can offer is a heartfelt thank you.

Crissy Flake

Spokane, WA

March 5, 2012