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Why should Hillary go to prison?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I am often asked, “Why should Hillary Clinton go to prison?”
The State Department Inspector General recently reported that Hillary Clinton violated the Federal Records Act. The FBI has been involved in their own investigation of several crimes Clinton has allegedly committed.  So what exactly did she do?
As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was required by the Federal Records Act to have a government server, which by law automatically stores all messages to protect National Security. Instead, Hillary had a secret server installed in her home, compromising top secret and classified information. Hillary also used her Blackberry to conduct government business and allowed staffers access to top secret information.
When Hillary stepped down as Secretary of State, she signed the State Department’s “Separation Statement” that she is “not retaining in my possession, custody, or control, documents” and that she understood “that Section 1001 of Title 18, United States Code, provides criminal penalties for such violations.” Yet, Hillary “knowingly and willfully” concealed thousands of emails she had sent and received on a non-government email address — which she ran via a private server in her own home.
On Feb. 1, 2013, 55,000 documents were turned over. The penalty for storing classified emails on a non-government, unsecured email server is up to a year in prison and $100,000 fine per document. However, Hillary deleted approximately 32,000 emails, claiming them to be private. The punishment for knowingly concealing or destroying each government email records is 3 years in prison per offense, a felony, which would prohibit her from holding public office, obviously including the presidency.
Why would Hillary risk committing such crimes? An investigative report from the New York Times also revealed the Clintons were involved in secret deals of greed where Hillary used her Secretary of State position to approve the sale of American uranium deposits to an associate named Frank Guistra, who sold it to Russia in return for $100 million donation to the Clinton Foundation.
The Clinton Foundation amassed $250 million in foreign cash, according to the Wall Street Journal, who lobbied Hillary as Secretary of State in donations to the Clinton Foundation. Could those emails have exposed such crimes?
Could Hillary be concealing information about Benghazi, where four Americans were murdered and she and Obama immediately blamed it on a You Tube video during the 2012 presidential campaign? She later admitted it to be a terrorist attack. She refused dozens of requests for additional security according to a report which revealed that Hillary held back Special Forces from assisting against the attack. Hillary and Obama were working together to cover up the fact that Al-Qaeda had attacked our embassy weeks before the 2012 election. Could those emails show the dereliction of duty from both Obama and Hillary that caused these Americans to be murdered?
These felonious acts would put the average American in prison for years if not life.
So maybe the question should be “Why isn’t Hillary Clinton going to prison?” Only Barack Obama and Loretta Lynch, an Obama political appointee to the Justice Department, stand between Hillary being prosecuted for crimes or allowing her to become the Democratic nominee for president. 
Frank Aquila