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Why so much anger if God doesnt exist?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

This is in regards to the last three “atheist” or in reality “anti-God/Jesus” meetings held at the Manteca Library.

I’ve attended all three meetings to obtain an understanding and information about their “beliefs of un-belief.” I always sat quietly (sometimes that is really hard) and hear their grievances — yes they sound like grievances — against “someone.” I guess God, His Son, and followers.

The more I hear and see via their insulting and childish cartoon slides, I realize they sure place a lot of time and resources into speaking about “God.” The speakers/authors probably spend as much, or even more time, thinking and speaking about our Creator than some of God’s followers do.

If you sincerely have formed an opinion and believe there’s no creator of everything (including yourselves), why preach about it? Why not just live your life and not give Him or His followers another thought? Yes, I know. It’s tough. The last meeting in July you threw around the “F” bomb like a football in a Friday night game. Why so much angry passion about someone that doesn’t exist?

I think you are simply really, really angry at God.

In love, see you at the next meeting.

Paul McJunkin