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Why wouldn’t immigrants become Republicans?
letters to the editor

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Pat Buchanan’s last column and Aquila’s letter repeated the tired old claim that Democrats want to allow illegals into the U.S. from Mexico and other Central American countries to pad their voting rolls.  Buchanan claims that Western Civilization is at risk due to this migration. What he is really saying is that those of Western European heritage are at risk. In other words, white folk.  His concern leans on the old rag that these newcomers will vote for Democrats for the freebies and to be taken care of by a government run by liberals.  

Here are some observations about those concerns.  First let me say that for 24 years I as a Health Services Coordinator for migrant families in an educational program called Migrant Education.  Many of those who needed educational and health care services were undoubtedly undocumented immigrants.  I came to know many of the kids and their parents well. What I observed is that they were very hard workers in jobs that were very demanding and relatively low paying.  They wanted to work and take care of their families. They were very family oriented.  The values that I observed most often were what I perceived as rather conservative.  They were Catholic and believed in the principles of that religion.  They had a high appreciation of education of their children so that they could achieve and move out of the agriculture work force.  They wanted their families to be healthy and to live productive lives. They also had a great appreciation of the opportunities that had here.  They were not criminals or rapists.

So, why would Republicans fear that they would join the roles of Democrats in their political beliefs? Why would these rather conservative people not want to become Republicans in mass?  Could it be that the party who calls them rapists, murderers and gang bangers does not appeal to them?  Could it be that the Republican Party says they come here with hands out wanting something for nothing?  Could it be that they see the desire for a huge wall to keep them out and ICE agents hunting them down and treating them like animals is not something they choose to vote FOR? Could it be that they know the history of the Southwest and feel that they were here first and that we are the interlopers, not them?  Someone out there please explain to me, not why they would become Democrats at some point, but why they would not choose to become Republicans, if it is something other than what I have suggested here.

Mike Killingsworth