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Wishes Baca would tone down the insults
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I take exception to a letter written by Shirley Schultz calling Larry Baca and Frank Aquila little boys who should duke it out and stop their bickering. 
As an educator, I appreciate debate; but I do take exception to personal insults regularly from Larry Baca’s letters.  I don’t mind that we differ politically; but I would appreciate a forum where his letters stayed focused on the facts without the rhetoric. 
On that note, I find Frank Aquila’s letters very thought provoking and substantive.  I have learned many things from his research and appreciate the time he has put into his letters for others to understand a conservative point of view.  If Larry Baca would put in the same effort without resorting to insults, there would be an outstanding and informative forum here for all to appreciate.

Amy Sullivan