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Won’t support people who don’t work
letter to editor

 Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Referring to Ben Cantu’s letter to this paper regarding the homeless:
 That is exactly what I said. Ben Cantu will not get my vote. His diatribes  are about the poor criminals and dropouts from the job market and parasites on society who ruin our property value and demand our hard earned money to fund their lives. Then the city starts looking for money and closing the amenities that brought us here such as the golf course.
Then the city comes to take more money from working or retired folks. What happens when the people are taxed until they are broke? What happens when the money from businesses runs out? What will you give the homeless when you and those like you have taken everything from the working and taxpayers? Tax the gas? We are paying $3.35 per gallon and the nation is at $2.90 — 45 cents is Tax. That is not 12 cents. That is a poor people tax. Now people like Gov.  Brown wants $359 million for homeless. That comes from tax payers.
I was looking for a job when I got the one I have. I never have asked for a handout. I worked hard and now I retired on my own money. I don’t want to give it away or have it taxed away. Thank you very much but I don’t want to support people who don’t want to work. Get them in jail or mental health care but at least off our streets doing crimes. Just so you know how a lot of us feel.

Robert Cook