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Worries about ‘rise of white nationalism’ masks much worse murders & atrocities
letter to editor

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Just a few days ago, the left half of the world grieved for 50 people who were murdered by a white male.  People are now becoming concerned with the recent rise of white nationalism.  Before the New Zealand killing happened, over 120 Nigerian Christians were murdered by Muslims and not a peep from the world.  

Three Dutch citizens were just killed by what appears to be a Muslim man.  The greatest mass murder took place on Sept. 11, 2001 by 19 Muslim men.  The world as a whole, has embraced Islam because they don’t like Christians.  George Takei slammed President Trump for being a “White Supremacist” and encouraging this killing like all the other stars have.  The real issue is that Christians condemn the actions of Hollywood and the left.  If the left hate Christians so much because Christians see Hollywood as sinful,, how much so should Hollywood hate Islam? For Islam condemns then entire Western world and wants to destroy democracy.  Evil sleeps with evil.  This is why Hollywood supports Islam.  

Under Islam, the world losses the freedoms it enjoys.  I have seen the pure evil and brutality of Islam.  The religion of “Peace” is the most evil, brutal, and intolerant religion on this planet.  Look at the regions of the world where Islam rules.  I have seen the entire video of the Saudi jet fighters who were executed by being placed in a cage, doused with gasoline, and then a small fire was started 30 feet away so that they can watch the fire slowly approach them.  They were burned alive. When the smothering body’s last breath left, a skip loader dumped 1,000 pounds of rock, gravel, and dirt on them.  I have seen videos of men with their hands tied behind their back.  A follower of the “Peace” loving profit Mohamad takes a knife to their prisoner’s throat by cutting the voice box so you can’t hear the screaming during the execution.  Next the arteries are cut so they bleed out.  The brutal pain and agony continue until the head has been severed from the body.  The body is then crucified on a fence like Christ was crucified on a cross.  The head is placed on a fence spike next to the body.  This is modern Islam, the religion of “Peace” that people grieve for and the left have sent to our country’s capital and state capitols, to be leaders.  If you find this description graphic and offensive, good, it is intended to be because it is true.  

Up until recently, the fighting has been between governments and individual followers of Islam.  When Islam has attacked the west, western people let their government fight as it saw fit to combat Islam.  Any person who follows Mohammad, is required to step up and fight.  And in droves they have.  Lone fighters killing innocent people.  They kill because they want martyrdom.  They view all non-Muslims as infidels so killing anyone brings martyrdom.  This belief encourages Muslims to take revenge out on the innocent.  Western governments find those involved and  then sanctions the retaliation or jails those who supported the attacker.  This is how western governments want to keep operating.  The greatest generation saw the immense evil of the Third Reich and fought to kill the entire Nazi Empire.  You can’t take prisoners with a movement.  You must destroy the movement.   

Chelsea Clinton was corned by some Palestine students at NYC College where they berated her and accused her father for causing the killing of Muslims.  Those students are blind to the atrocities of Islam around the world but wanting sympathy when they get taste of their own actions.  I give Islam no sympathy.  The world should see the rise of radical Islam and its violence as normal Islam.

Scott McComas