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Would Bob protect America if it is under attack?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I watched the Fox News interview with the guards at Benghazi that were told by “Bob” not to help Ambassador Stevens and the other three Americans. Well who do you suppose “Bob” is? In my opinion “Bob” is Barack Obama. When you leave Obama’s middle name out you have Barack Obama or “BOB.”

So apparently there might be two “Bobs.”

If Obama is “Bob” No. 1 you think he would be senior to “Bob” No. 2. But remember “Bob” No. 1had an important fundraiser in Las Vegas in the morning and that would be more important than saving four Americans. 

“Bob” No. 1 still has not had time from his fundraising and golf games to meet with the parents of the murdered Americans or the three guards that were given the order not to help.

I ask the question: if America is under attack by terrorists would “Bob” No. 1 or No. 2 give an order not to help.


Richard Hanson