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Wrong to single out women & military service
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
The first seven words of the “Military preparedness & brain-washed  girls” letter in the Manteca  Bulletin published on Wednesday, “Many will agree and many will disagree,” are the only true spoken words that we all can live by, tolerate , and fight for. After reading the writer’s opinion, something that every person in America is allowed to have because of our freedoms in this country, it just showed how some people still have a very closed mind. The letter touched on several hot issues....women in the military, brain-washing, gender-bashing, wars, religious wars.

The admission of how the writer feels for our military and to women in general, came out very strongly. I would like to know how he has come to this conclusion. For a very long time, our military has employed all walks of life to fight for our freedoms in this country. The men and women that voluntarily join any part of our armed services have the utmost respect from me. There may be some actions that the military does that I may not agree with, however, to single out a particular group as a weak link is completely wrong, wrong, wrong.

A discussion of the issues that came from his opinion, could last for a very long time. The problem is people can’t have a calm, open discussion any more. If we could listen and respect each other more often, maybe, just maybe, we can open some minds.
Mario Carrillo
April 29, 2010