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Yes, Jill Richardson, I am offended
letter to editor

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Yes, Jill Richardson (Her syndicated column on Page A5, Tuesday: “Is anyone really offended by that F word Tlaib used?”),  I am offended by Rep. Tlaib using the MF word.  Just because Trump used foul, gutter language in his infamous interview does that give Tlaib the right to use it?  So two wrongs make a right? 

So if Trump uses the MFer word in his upcoming State of the Union address in referring to Pelosi or anyone else you are OK with that?  Are you OK with me calling you and/or your kids that? Are you OK with your kids calling their teachers at school MFers? After all it’s not offensive right?  Any politician that cannot express themselves intelligently without using profanity and vulgar language should not be in office. I don’t care if they are Democrat, Republican or Independent. I don’t speak that way, I did not teach my kids to speak that way and I do not want my elected representatives to speak that way either. (Which I realize may disqualify many of them!) If you believe it is OK, then are you as immoral as the ones you are criticizing? 

Jim Benedict