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A valentine salute to a special lady in my life
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Valentine’s Day and “Love” are totally synonymous.

There’s so much more to Valentine’s Day than a card, a bouquet of flowers or even a special dinner for two – it’s the thoughts, the memories behind it all that really count and make the day.

Every year I finger through the cards on the rack and never really find anything that is appropriate for my bride of nearly 50 years.  We go back a long way to our junior college days in Pasadena,  and that adds up to a lot of cards and she got her share of hugs and flowers, too.

Our four children were great at making their Valentine’s Day cards at school telling her how much they loved her  – and she never forgets to send her own.   Our kids – and grandkids as well – are never forgotten by mom whether it is February 14, their birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Most  importantly,  it’s the deep seeded love she has for everyone in the family, and they can’t help but know how she feels about them.  She won’t let anyone forget!

She’s a mom and a grandma with a great amount of pride for everyone in her family,  and for everything they have all accomplished – she’s worked hard to keep us all in harmony with her unique support innovations.

She is my Valentine,  and I’m glad about that.  I am very aware of how important “thoughts” matter in holding your loved one in high regard today and every other day throughout the year.

In attempting to think through all those yesteryears of Valentine’s Days past, I see nothing has changed in her appreciation of family.  You see she has done so very much in the total picture and has really never asked for anything in return, but love.

She has been the heart in the raising of our four children while she taught school and made sure lunches were packed and a complete dinner was on the table every night – not to mention the washing and the ironing and being up at night with sick children.   Child birth had been a trauma for her, but she and I wanted six children and she was willing to give her all to see that happen.

The home scene was as warm and loving as she could make it all throughout the years.  Birthdays were special for the kids and Christmas was always fantastic – we all knew how very much we were loved.

She was always there when our children were sick or troubled sitting up in the wee hours to talk things out and to try to make them better.  She kept in close contact with the teachers who were working with our kids,  too – doing as much in their classrooms as she could, whenever it was possible.

She also made her mark – with her love and dedication – in the field of education where she led her elementary school staff to near perfection.  They, too, knew she cared, albeit a little strict at times for some.  They quickly learned it was all about what was best for the children – she held them all, every one, in a special place in her heart.

So, you see, it really is the thought that matters.  When I stop and think back how special this woman has been in my life, she’s just gotta be my Valentine.  And this, I guess, is the best card I can come up with for this year.

Love you Honey!