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Challenge you to a game of Old Maid
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I use to get a kick out of playing card games like “Go Fish,” “War” and Uno.”

These days there are so many versions of “Uno,” I don’t know which one to try first. They all look like fun!

When I was a kid the card game of “Old Maid” was the most intense, but wonderful game to play with my parents.

You might think that this game is boring. Oh! It’s far from it.

My parents had a way of playing this game that made it fun.

Ending up with the Old Maid card in your hand was like holding a hot potato. You had to get rid of it. And quickly!

Watching the game end with my father holding the Old Maid card was hilarious.

This meant the game wasn’t over until someone else ended up with that card.

Dad as the Old Maid, that’s pretty funny when you’re a kid.

As a kid I also loved playing a board game called “The Wedding Game.”

Not a game my dad would play with me. I think Old Maid is where he would draw the line, but mom loved it as well as my girlfriends.

The goal of this game was to be the first to collect all the items you would need for your wedding and race to the altar.

The game of “Monopoly” was another family favorite.

But, this was one game I tried to avoid, because it dealt with the counting of money.

The game ran smoothly until it came to my turn.

Anything that involved math... was not my favorite. Keeping score...Counting money...You could count me out!

Not being good at math was one thing I had to deal with during school. Trying to play it off during the game of “Monopoly.” Who did I think I was fooling? Not my parents!

The game of “Monopoly” came out a little bit too often on family nights.

This game became my parents way of assisting me to get over my fears of counting money and dealing with math.

Nowhere to run! Nowhere to hide!

My parents dealt with my issues swiftly.

What did they do? Oh yeah! My parents appointed me as the banker.

Under their watchful eyes and my brothers and sister inaudible impatience, I moved at a snail’s pace.

Talk about being tortured! Not for long...Evenutally, the game became easier and more fun for me.

I began looking forward to being the banker. In addition to this game and relentless practice, I was able to conquer my fears of counting money and math.

It wasn’t easy in the beginning, but it helped tremendously.

Would you believe that now “The Monopoly Game” has a version that has an electronic banker?”

There are so many games that my parents used to help strengthen my math and spelling skills.

Just a couple of these were “Boggle” for spelling and “Pay Day” for math.

Family night games were not just used for bringing the family together, but were also used for elevating our math and spelling skills.

This is the same technique my husband and I used for our children.

You can find so many games out there designed to assist in the continued development in math, spelling and reading that are actually fun to play.

I’ve used a few educational computer games also. My favorite is “Jump Start.”

This CD has a way of using games to assist in building better skills in telling time, counting money, measuring, addition, fractions, memory games and much, much more.

What makes this excellent also is that you can control the level of difficulty and it also keeps track of your child’s progress.

All this and kids can have a little fun at the same time.

Something to take a look at.

Depending on your child’s age “Jump Start” has different levels you can choose.

I have used all the grade levels for my children. And I highly recommend it. So, make it a family night more often. Bring out those board games.

The benefits can be limitless. Have fun!